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Chakra Series Week Two: THE SACRAL CHAKRA


In my classes this week we'll be continuing our 7 Week Chakra Series with the second chakra: The Sacral. Chakras are energy hubs throughout the subtle body that correspond to different areas on the spine. When these focal points are fully-functioning, energy can flow though us with ease.

Our Sacral Chakra is located just below the belly button. The Sanskrit name is Svadhisthana. When the Sacral Chakra is balanced you will feel creative, intuitive, and sexually fullfilled. The bija (seed) sound for this chakra is "Vam."

Our peak pose this week is Frog. We will also be playing with different variations of chair poses: In my Yin and gentle classes we'll be taking a restorative Utkatasana using blankets and bolsters, while in my vinyasa classes we'll be working a transition from our chair pose to a flip dog (with opportunity for a wheel).

To balance your Sacral Chakra this week, join me for a meditation at home:

Come into a comfortable seat, or Sukhasana. Inhale your shoulders up by your ears and on an exhale draw your shoulder blades together down your back. Sitting up nice and tall, begin to take deep belly breaths in and out. With each breath, imagine yourself breathing in a powerful orange-golden light. Feel bright and joyful energy flowing all around you. Begin to imagine this bright orange glow inside of your abdomen, just below your belly button. Bring your hand to that area on the low-belly, sending love through your touch. Begin to speed up your breath, contracting the abdomen on your exhales in a short burst. This breathing style is called Kapalbhati pranayama. Complete 20 short bursts of breath, then return to your normal breathing pattern. Quietly begin to say this week's mantra: "I am creative." Repeat these words while focusing on the breath: in and out.

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