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Chakra Series Week Four: THE HEART CHAKRA


In my classes this week we'll be continuing our 7 Week Chakra Series with the fourth chakra: The Heart Chakra. Chakras are energy hubs throughout the subtle body that correspond to different areas along the spine. When these focal points are fully-functioning, energy can flow though us with ease.

Our Heart Chakra is located at the center of the sternum, or about 1-2 inches above center of the physical heart organ. The Sanskrit name is Anahata, which translates to unstruck or unhurt. When the Heart Chakra is open, this space attracts love and healing energy from the universe. When balanced, you will feel pure love, harmony, and connection. The bija (seed) sound for this chakra is "Yam."

In honor of the both Valentine's Day Week and this fourth chakra we’ll be finding a variety of heart openers: In my Yin and gentle classes we'll be taking a restorative heart bench using props as well as sphinx, while in my vinyasa classes we'll be finding upward facing bow, dancer, and at the top of the heap, wheel.

To balance your Heart Chakra this week, join me for a meditation at home:

Find a quiet space and grab a blanket. Fold your blanket two or three times into a rectangular shape and then roll the short end, creating a long tube approximately the length of your torso. Bring this prop under your back, going up and down the length of the spine. As you lay down, allow your hips to be grounded to the floor or mat and your head to be supported in this soft heart bench. Let your shoulders melt open as you tap into your breath. Follow the length of each inhale and exhale. Begin to picture a bright green light glowing at your heart center, imagining this color growing brighter with each breath cycle. Just as the petals of a flower need to be open to photosynthesize light from the sun, the petals of our heart need to be open to receive the abundant love from the universe. Send healing green light energy to your heart center while quietly say this week's mantra: "I lead with love.” When you've completed your meditation, draw your thumbs to your sternum in acknowledgement of all the love that you still have to give and receive. Namaste.

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